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Home Master Detergent

Home Master Detergent


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5 Min Bye Bye Stubborn Smelly Stain! Sparkling Clean, Smooth N Fast !

👍 2 steps !
1) 5 mins soak
2) Rinse or light brushing for very
stubborn stain


✔Super clean n easy.
✔No hard scrubbing.
✔Use it on anything n anywhere.
✔Fast n clean for longer period compared to other supermarket detergent.
✔Safe n Eco friendly
✔Cheap s v big bottle
( Customer feedback: Can use 6 to 10 mths)

Best is u dont need to hire part time maid to scrub n wash for u.

Used it on dirty, stained cloth, clothes, shoes, bag, kitchen, toilet n tiles. Super fast n easy.

No more back n shouder aching due to spring cleaning.

Can clean Anywhere like:

Laundry cleaner & bleach
Spot cleaning fabrics
Carpet & Upholstery cleaning and prespotting
Kitchen surfaces and utensils
Destaining cups, Coffee Pots etc
Fridges & freezers
Chopping Boards
Bathroom surfaces
Mildew Removal tiles, grouting and walls
Laminated and vinyl flooring
Wood Decks and wooden garden furniture
Plastic garden furniture
Kills algae and moss on driveways, patios, brickwork and roofs.
General household Cleaning
Removes mildew from tents and other camping equipment
Sterilizing bottles and equipment for wine and beer making
Sterilizing utensils in hairdressers and barbers
Toilet, wall, floor, kitchen, fridge, aircon
Sofa, car rim……… etc

No environmental hazards – breaks down to oxygen, water and soda ash in your wash water.

Effectively kills wide range of bacteria, mould, algae, viruses, fungi.

Colour safe and fabric safe. It brightens colours and prevents fabrics from becoming yellowed or darkened.

Effective stain removal on a multitude of surfaces.

In the laundry it’s used to destain, deodorize, and whiten.

It is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles.


Not advisable to use on COPPER, ALUMINIUM, SILK.

Do not use on Painted or Plated articles.


1 for $30
2-3 for $29 each
4-9 for $27 each
10 or more $25 each

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Extra Large Magic Mop Set


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Home Master Detergent

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