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Swisscorr Easy Fit – Easy Slimming Patch

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🌟Latest EASY FIT, Easy Slimming Patch👍 Lost Inches On Full Body !

How does Easy Fit ~ Slimming Patch works ?

Easy Fit United States the LATEST Active Technology, Ultra-low temperature fluid extraction of Fucoxanthin brown seaweed extract, Red pomegranate and Hoodia Gordonil essence that is highly activated and effective in slimming and is specially formulated as a patch. It has controlled release and fast absorption characteristics, through the body’s normal body temperature of 37 ° C.

🌟Burn Fat
🌟 Increase Body Metabolism
🌟Reduce Appetite
🌟Reduce Cholesterol Level
🌟Reduce absorption of carbohydrates & sugar
🌟Reduce Water Retention
🌟Reduce Blood Fats
🌟Improves Bone Density
🌟Maintain Muscle Mass

👍Expected Results :
1-15 days : Suppress appetite , increase of detoxification effect ( urineation / defecation), speed up body metabolism process.
15-30 days : Begin body reshaping effect

Q1: How to use ?
A1: Stick 1 patch on inner wrist or on the outer upper arm for 8 hours, alternating arms every day.

Q2: Can i shower together with Easy Fit ?
A2: Can. Easy Fit using American Medical waterproof material, so it will still stick onto your body during shower.

Q3: Any side effects?
A3: No side effect. Easy Fit use pure natural plant extracts (Hoodia, brown algae and red pomegranate). Very safe to use.

Q4: Why do we paste it on inner wrist or outer upper of the arm?
A4: There are a lot of arm blood vessels, power pulse, the nerves, the temperature is relatively high, is conducive to dissolve Easy Fit slimming ingredients so to penetrate into the bloodstream.

Q5: Is there any reaction after pasting Easy fit ?
A5: Individual body is different so there will be different body reaction.

1: Arm tingling ~ Easy Fit has a strong fat burning effect, so there may be tingling feeling or numbness for first few days.
1 : 手臂酸麻 ~Easy Fit 拥有强大的燃脂效果,因此在贴Easy Fit 的前几天可能会出现酸麻感觉。

2: Gastric or stomach discomfort – Eat a normal diet. do not go on diet.
2 : 胃痛~ 贴了Easy Fit 后也需要正常饮食,千万别节食,节食不到无法瘦身,而且还会伤害胃部。

3: Stool frequency increase ~ A detoxification effect, long-term constipation sufferers will increase stool frequency.
3 : 大便次数增多~Easy Fit 有排毒效果,长期便秘患者在贴Easy Fit 后会增加大便次数。

4: Urination frequency increase ~ Help reduce water retention, through urine and sweat discharge.
4 : 小便次数增多~Easy Fit 有排水肿效果,通过尿液和汗水排出。

5: Body heat increase ~ Increase metabolism rate so the temperature will be slightly higher after pasting, remember to drink more water.
5 : 身体发热~Easy Fit 有提高身体新陈代谢的功效,因此在贴敷后体温会稍微增高,记得多补充水份。

6: Reduce Appetite ~ Hoodia ingredients, highly effective to reduce appetite and make you feel full in 15 days.
6 : 食欲降低~Easy Fit 内含有蝴蝶亚仙人掌成份,有效在15天内降低食欲,增加饱腹感。

7: Thirsty ~ Easy Fit has a powerful FAT burning and detoxification, so you need to drink 2L ~ 2.5L of water daily.
7 : 口渴~Easy Fit Easy Fit 拥有强大的燃脂及排毒效果,因此在贴敷Easy Fit 后身体需要大量的水份 每天应该补充2L ~2.5L 的白开水

8: Skin itch on patch area ~ Easy Fit paste for 8 hours will continue to have slimming effect so skin mayb dry that lead to itch. Just apply lotion on dry area.
8 : 贴敷位置痒~Easy Fit 会贴敷位置8小时不断释放瘦身因子,有些干燥皮肤会出现痒的现象。解决方案~在干燥的位置涂抹乳液(Lotion)

9: Red spot appear on patch area – The body temperature is too low. Pad or hit on the area that you wan to stick on to promote blood circulation before sticking Easy Fit.

Q6: Who can not use Easy Fit?
A6: Pregnant, lactation, thyroid disease and severe sickly are not suitable.

Q7: Preparing for Pregnancy can use it?
A7: Yes can.

Q8: High cholesterol, high blood customers can use the Easy Fit ?
A8: Yes can. The content like brown seaweed reduces cholesterol and blood pressure too.

Q9: Why does my weight still remain about the same despite i lost inches ?
A9: Obesity has two kinds – Water retention and Fat.
Customers will reduce water retention thru urinating, sweating, so losing body weight is easier.
Fat type of customer – After using the patch will burn a lot of fat, the relative shaping effect and lost inches is obvious but there will not be a lot of weight change.

Drink plenty of water, Eat frequent small meals, exercise as usual.

1 box: $53 (7 patches)

1 month, 3 + 1= 4 boxes: $136 ($34 each)

3 months, 9 + 3= 12 boxes: $300($25 each)


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Swisscorr Easy Fit - Easy Slimming Patch